Stats for Think A306

Total registered this month:0
Total registered this year:0
Total registered:21
Percent of EVs in Norway:0.01
Top color is Blå with:7 cars
Top year is 2008 with:15 cars

Apr 20170 carsApr 20180 cars
May 20170 carsMay 20180 cars
Jun 20170 carsJun 20180 cars
Jul 20170 carsJul 20180 cars
Aug 20170 carsAug 20180 cars
Sep 20170 carsSep 20180 cars
Oct 20170 carsOct 20180 cars
Nov 20170 carsNov 20180 cars
Dec 20170 carsDec 20180 cars
Jan 20180 carsJan 20190 cars
Feb 20180 carsFeb 20190 cars
Mar 20180 carsMar 20190 cars

Think A306 registered last 12 months

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Number of cars registered: 21

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EL 114XXThink A3062006BlåYYCFT26B72J0020032Jessheim19.05.2006Nei
EL 117XXThink A3062008GulYYCFT26B38J0041282Billingstad03.06.2008Nei
EL 117XXThink A3062008GulYYCFT26BX8J0041262Billingstad03.06.2008Nei
EL 117XXThink A3062008SvartYYCFT26B98J0041652Billingstad26.06.2008Nei
EL 117XXThink A3062008SvartYYCFT26B68J0041722Oslo26.06.2008Nei
EL 117XXThink A3062006BlåYYCFT26B52J0020022Jessheim01.12.2006Nei
EL 117XXThink A3062006BlåYYCFT26B22J0020062Jessheim01.12.2006Nei
EL 117XXThink A3062007SvartYYCFT26BX2J0030022Jessheim16.01.2007Nei
EL 117XXThink A3062007GulYYCFT26B32J0020012Jessheim26.04.2007Nei
EL 118XXThink A3062007BlåYYCFT26BX2J0010072Jessheim21.08.2007Nei
EL 118XXThink A3062008GulYYCFT26B68J0041102Jessheim21.02.2008Nei
EL 118XXThink A3062008GulYYCFT26BX8J0041092Jessheim21.02.2008Nei
EL 118XXThink A3062008RødYYCFT26B28J0041052Jessheim21.02.2008Nei
EL 118XXThink A3062008BlåYYCFT26B92J0020042Jessheim28.02.2008Nei
EL 120XXThink A3062008GulYYCFT26B18J0041302Billingstad01.07.2008Nei
EL 120XXThink A3062008RødYYCFT26B18J0041582Oslo01.07.2008Nei
EL 120XXThink A3062008GulYYCFT26B38J0041312Jessheim01.07.2008Nei
EL 120XXThink A3062008RødYYCFT26B88J0041562Oslo01.07.2008Nei
EL 120XXThink A3062008BlåYYCFT26B38J0041592Trondheim01.07.2008Nei
EL 120XXThink A3062008SvartYYCFT26B28J0041672Drøbak10.07.2008Nei
EL 120XXThink A3062008BlåYYCFT26B98J0041342Billingstad14.07.2008Nei

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