Do you want 6 months of free supercharging on your Model 3?

Log in to MyTesla in your browser and copy your RN-number (reservation number).
Enter referral code to use in the referral box. If you do not enter a referral, mine will be used.

It is important to be logged in and keep MyTesla open in one tab.
Paste your RN-number in the box below and press 'Give me 6 months of free charging'.

There are a few cases where the referral does not work.

Use my referral if you want to be 100% sure that the referral is registered. Then contact me and I will check if it is registered.

RN number: Referral kode: E-mail:

Having problems adding referral to your Model 3 order or want me to check if it was added? Whatch the video below or contact me on social media - links at the bottom of the page.

Already completed your order (payed)? Then you have to send an email to with RN-number and the referral code.

Model 3 configuration open for non-reservation holders in Europe. Delivery in March 2019! Order from this link.

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